We have organised a number of sightseeing trips for participants of the EGC, so you can easily explore Oberhof, its surroundings and the best of the “heart of Germany”. Click on each of them to get detailed information in a PDF file:

Tue, 25 July, afternoon: guided tour through the sports facilities of Oberhof, with biathlon shooting

Wed, 26 July, day trip to Weimar (UNESCO World Heritage) and (optionally) Buchenwald

Fri, 28 July, afternoon: Bratwurst (fried sausage) Museum and mustard mill

Sat, 29 July, day trip to Farbglashütte Lausche (glass making) and Feengrotten (fairy cave) Saalfeld

Sat, 29 July, two-days trip with the nostalgic railway “Rennsteigbahn” to the Störtebekerfestival (need to be booked immediately, only very few places left!)

Sun, 30 July: Marienglashöhle and Wartburg (UNESCO World Heritage)

Tue, 1 August, afternoon: guided tour through the sports facilities of Oberhof, with biathlon shooting

Wed, 2 August: day trip to Bamberg and Coburg Castle (UNESCO World Heritage)

General information on excursions

Here is some general information on our excursion programme. Unless stated otherwise, they apply to all excursions. Exceptions are explicitly stated in the specific description or the registration sheet.

Please book the excursion by entering your name on the sheet provided at the notice board.
Please pay cash at the info desk by the day before the excursion, 10:00.
Unfortunately, there is no discount for children etc., so everybody has to pay the full price.

Most excursions need a minimum amount of registered participants a few days in advance. If there are not enough registrations by the given time, the excursion will be cancelled – of course you will get the money back.
If many participants register for a certain excursion, we will try to organise a second (or third…) bus. However, this might not always be possible, so there could be a maximum number of participants.

Once an excursion is confirmed and still has free places left, you can still book it by 10:00 on the day before it will happen.
You can cancel your trip by 10:00 on the day before the excursion will take place. You can claim your money back, provided the number of partici- pants will not fall under the minimum number.

Most excursion yield the possibility to eat and drink in restaurant. How- ever, food and drink at not included in the rate. So please have some money ready on the trip, if you want to buy something.

At the hotel entrance at the announced time.

Most guided tours are in English. If we see that many participants from one country join a trip, we try to send an interpreter of that language to translate the most important bits of the tours.

Well… please check the description and draw your own conclusions. Of course, a hiking tour contains more hiking than a museum tour. All tours are suitable for children, sometimes with restrictions, e.g. ‘Biathlon Shoot- ing’. Whether they will like it? Try it out!