Things to do in and around Oberhof

There are plenty of things to do in and around Oberhof. Within walking distance from the hotel you will find an Exotarium and an Aquapark (H2Oberhof). You can visit the Ski Jumps and the Bobsleigh Run. Do you dare to take a seat in a real bob and try it out?

Or do you like Nordic Skiing? In Oberhof you can do this even in summer. If you are the biathlon kind of person, you can try some shooting as well.

If this feels to wintery to you, you can also have a swim in the lake next to the camping ground. And of course, there are plenty of hiking trails through the Thuringian Forest starting in Oberhof. Explore them yourselves or take part in a guided tour. There are also guided night walks with torches. After too much of hiking, you might consider making a trip by horse carriage.

Oberhof is in the mountains, but if you are ready for this challenge then you can rent bikes at the Bikepark Oberhof or at Sport Luck. (And don’t worry: there are also e-bikes if the hills are too steep for you…)

Within Germany, Thuringia is famous for two kinds of food: Bratwurst and Klöße. Want to know more about Germany’s most famous sausage? Visit the Bratwurst Museum in a neighbouring town. Or learn how to make the original Thüringer Klöße, a special kind of potato dumplings in a cooking workshop with the current Kloßkönigin, the Dumpling Queen. (No, we didn’t made this up!)

There are also some special events taking place in Oberhof during the time of the EGC:

Every Monday 10am: Hike and visit of the Rensteig garden
Meeting place:
Oberhof-Information (Haus des Gastes)
Crawinkler Straße 2
free with Oberhof card

Every Saturday 11am: Laser-Biathlon for Kids (7 years+)
Am Grenzadler 7

Saturday, July 29, 4pm: Shooting with original biathlon guns
(age restriction: 16-18 years only with both parents)
Thüringer Hütte
Am Grenzadler 3

Every Friday and Saturday, starting from 6pm: Dinner with live piano or guitar  music
Berghotel Oberhof
Dr.-Theodor-Neubauer-Straße 20
(children up to 6 years free, children 7-12 years 50% off)
Please register in advance: +49 36842 27 0

Every Thursday, 12:30 pm:
Tour by horse carriage through the forest
Starting point:
Parking lot, opposite of the Oberhof-Information
Crawinkler Straße 2
15€/person, please register in advance!
Registration and further tours:

Eat and drink

Restaurants are plenty and very affordable in Oberhof. You can have a good lunch or dinner in a restaurant close to the tournament for around 6€. A good beer (0.3l) in a restaurant costs around 2€. (Want to spend even less on food? There is also a McDonald’s in Oberhof, or you can buy food in supermarkets, bakeries and other shops in town.)

Besides traditional German food, there are a number of international restaurants (e.g. Italian, Chinese, Swiss, Bulgarian) and – for a special treat – some nice upper-scale restaurants with international cuisine. Finally, Oberhof also offers a number of bars and pubs for those who don’t only want to play Go until late at night…

Sightseeing trips

Oberhof is ideally located within the heart of  Germany, so there are many one-day or half-day trips possible to places with top tourist attractions , such as Eisenach (the city of Martin Luther), Saalfeld (with its “Fairy Cave”), Weimar (city of Goethe and Schiller), Leipzig (one of the major German cities), Erfurt (with its famous cathedral), Bamberg (with its picturesque medieval city center), Lauscha (where you can blow glass by yourself) and many more. There will be guided tours provided by the hotel, but of course you can also easily explore these places by yourself – getting there by car or train is fast and convenient.

Here we have some photos for you to give you a first impression…

Pictures taken from: Treff Hotel Panorama; Marc O. Rieger; Matthias Kabel; Appaloosa; Thomas Wolf;, License CC BY-SA 3.0 DE (Photo Sächsische Schweiz, Bastei); Franzfoto; Robert Scarth; Ajepbah / Wikimedia Commons / License: CC-BY-SA-3.0 DE; Heinzi; Christian Bier; Krebs Glas Lauscha; Ansgar Koreng / CC BY 3.0 (DE)