As novelty at this EGC we had a “Speakers Night” on Wednesday, August 2, 2017, organised by Ingo Althöfer (Jena). Congress participants were invited to deliver a speech on any topic of their choice.

  •  “Go and Philately”: Matthias Reimann (Nordhausen).
  •  “Physics and Mathematics of High Heels”: Ingo Althöfer (Jena).
  •  Robert Jasiek (Berlin) talked about “Truths in Go Theory”.
  •  Paul Conradi (Hamburg) had the topic “Was Martin Luther Advice Resistant?”

An audience of 40 to 50 persons listened with excitement, astonishment or ignorance.
It was an evening with very different facets.

Ingo Althöfer

(Photo Kaspar, FSU Jena)

(Photo: Matthias Reimann)

(Photo: Ingo Althöfer)