By airplane and train

Help line

In case you encounter problems on the way to Oberhof, you can call our help line (available to you from Friday, July 21): +49-175-4757637 

We will help you there to sort out any problems you encounter on your travel, e.g. if you miss a train etc.

It is advised to book as early as possible, since prices rise extremely as the date of travel comes closer.

From Frankfurt Airport, there are regular high speed trains to Gotha and Würzburg. From there you can take a regional train through the scenic Thuringian forest up to Oberhof. Total traveling time is a bit more than three hours and there are connections once an hour (last connection departs around 7pm). A precise schedule can be found on the web page of the German Railway Company (available in many languages). From Nuremberg, it takes three hours by train to Oberhof. During booking choose “further options” and “via Würzburg” to avoid Erfurt, as there will be construction work.

From Nuremberg, it takes three hours by train to Oberhof.

Regular train tickets in Germany are expensive. For instance, a regular one-way ticket from Frankfurt to Oberhof costs about 67€, from Nuremberg 57€. However, you can get cheaper tickets:

  • You can get a special early-booking rate (29€), when you book early online. Early-booking rates become available three months in advance.
  • There are discounts for groups. As a member of a group of six persons, you can get a group-early-booking rate for steep discounts.
  • If you are prepared to travel only by local trains (taking about 4:30 hours from Frankfurt and 3:30 hours from Nuremberg), there is a special weekend fare of 56€ for five persons. No early booking required for this kind of ticket.

From many places in central Europe, taking the train instead of an airplane for the whole trip is the best solution. Here, some approximate
traveling times:

Paris Praha Warsaw Vienna Amsterdam
ca. 7 hours ca. 6 hours ca. 10 hours ca. 8 hours ca. 7 hours

By car

Oberhof is located close to the motorway A71, so it is easily accessible by car.
Some estimated travel times to Oberhof by car:

Paris Praha Warsaw Vienna Amsterdam
ca. 7:30 hours ca. 4 hours ca. 7:30 hours ca. 6:30 hours ca. 6 hours

The Treff Hotel Panorama offers free parking.