In the U12 category, Liu Yanjun (4d, China) won in the final against Lu Yuqiu (3d, China). Yanjun (photo below) did not only make the first place in the U12 category, but she was also undefeated in the whole tournament (even against older kids)! Third came Askar Khusainov (3k, Russia).

In the U16 category, Chen Feiyang (2d, German, photo below) won. Although he had two very narrow defeats against Yanjun and Solal Zemor (by 1 point and by 2 points) in the preliminaries, he won the decisive final against Solal Zemor (1k, France). Solal made an impressive performance: even though starting below the MacMahon bar, he ended up with a second place! Third came Arved Pittner (3d, Germany).

Youngest participant was Janosch Petri (30k, Germany) with 4 years. He played a solid 2–2 in his first tournament!

1* Liu, Yanjuncn4 Dan414+11+2+5+10+6+641223
2Chen, Feiyangde2 Dan396+5+1-3-4+3+439231
3Zemor, Solalfr1 Kyu3912+4+7+2+5+2-539227
4Pittner, Arvedde3 Dan381-3-8+7+2-5+338230
5Shalneva, Virzhiniaru2 Dan377+2-11+1-3-4-237231
6* Lu, Yuqiucn3 Dan372-8-9-14+13+1-237223½
7Arsentyev, Egorru1 Dan375-9+3-4-??136225½
8Tingaykin, Artemru2 Kyu3714+6+4-10+??336219
9Lee, Hsuan-jutw1 Kyu37½13+7-6+---236210
10* Khusainov, Askarru3 Kyu3517+16-15+8-1-13+335219
11Lee, Heng-chentw1 Dan37-1-5----035218
12Jacobsen, Manuelde1 Kyu373-13+----135209
13* Tarasov, Ruslanru1 Kyu349-12-17-15-6-10-034217
14* Pishchalnikov, Artemijru2 Kyu358-15-20+/w16-??134212
15* Sun, Lexiangfr4 Kyu3518+14+10-13+??334206
16Bernardis, Davideit2 Kyu36½-10+----134200
17Korf, Alexanderde3 Kyu35½10-19+13+---234198½
18* Marz, Ferdinandde6 Kyu3215-20-25+21+??231192
19Gorbunov, Robertru4 Kyu33½-17-----031190½
(20)Knjazev, Timofejru7 Kyu3224+18+14-/b122+??331190½
21* Gimadiev, Arturru7 Kyu3222+23+24+18-??331186½
22* Gysson, Jyrgenee7 Kyu3021-24-23+20-??129184½
23Donle, Isabelde8 Kyu3025+21-22-26+??229180
24* Zhang, Shukai Kirbyde7 Kyu30½20-22+21----129178
25Bryniak, Szymonpl8 Kyu2923-26+18-27-??128177
26Bruno, Nitschde9 Kyu2928+25-27+23-??228172
27* Rieger, Angelikade10 Kyu2830-28+26-25+??227168½
28* Chen, TianQicn10 Kyu2726-27-29-33+??126162
29Vasilev, Borisru12 Kyu2732+30+28+31-??326160
30* Hresko, Danyloua11 Kyu27½27+29--32+??226159
31Minaev, Mykytaua13 Kyu26½33+32+-29+??325151
32* Shalnev, Svjatoslavru12 Kyu2529-31-33+30-??124155
33Polanska, Magdalenade13 Kyu2431-35+32-28-??123148½
34* Kim, Zionde17 Kyu2339+36+35+40+??422132
35* Li, Jitongcn15 Kyu2238+33-34-37---121130½
36* Krueger, Nilsde17 Kyu2243+34-38+39+??321128½
37* Pushnia, Yuriiua17 Kyu22½44+40+-35+??321126
38* Arsentjev, Grigorijru16 Kyu2135-41-36-43+??120126½
(39)* Polanski, Szymonde17 Kyu2134-43+42+36-??220126½
40* Pittner, Arwende17 Kyu2142+37-41+34---220122½
41Qiu, Yixucn18 Kyu2146+38+40-45+--320113
42* Asmuchametov, Dinarru18 Kyu2040-44+39-46+??219120
43Basova, Uljanaru17 Kyu19½36-39--38-??018121
44* Barnardis, Martait17 Kyu2037-42-----018114½
45* You, Lexicn20 Kyu1949+47+48+41-??318109
46* Ge, Yaocn20 Kyu1841-49+47+42-??217110
47* Li, Xinyunlu20 Kyu1748+45-46-50-/w1??116104
48* Herubel, Nathanfr20 Kyu1747-50-/w245-49+??116103
49* Herubel, Candicefr20 Kyu1645-46-50-/w148-??015102
50Neelala, Rohanuk25 Kyu1551+/b148+/b249+/b147+/b1??41487
51* Zhang, Miles Zimode25 Kyu1250-/w153-/w252-/w154+/w1--11167
52* Krueger, Emmade30 Kyu1055+56+51+/b153+??4954
53* Malavasi, Valentinefr30 Kyu954+51+/b255+52-??3853
54* Petri, Janoschde30 Kyu853-55+56+51-/b1??2750
55* Malavasi, Oceanefr30 Kyu752-54-53-56+??1648
56* Marz, Leopoldde30 Kyu7free52-54-55-??1645

U12 participant are marked with a star (*).

Tournament rules

The tournament for the champions of tomorrow!


We welcome all children and young player who are strong enough to play on the 19×19 board to participate in the EGC Children and Youth Tournament!

The tournament will run over two afternoons. On each day, up to three rounds are played. (You may skip one day, but participation on the first day is required to qualify for the finals.)

All games are played with 30 minutes total thinking time (no byoyomi!) and will be EGF ranked.


Deadline for registration is Monday, July 31, 13:30 (one hour before the start of the tournament – watch out: Germans are terribly punctual, so please don’t be late)!


First day (Monday, July 31, 14:30):
3 rounds 30 min. SD (EGF rated)

Second day (Tuesday, August 1, 14:30):
1-3 Rounds 30 min. SD (EGF rated)

Tournament system:

Rounds 1-4: McMahon system for all participants together (reduced handicap if MMS differs by more than two points), 7 Komi (for even games).

Round 5: Semi-final in the age categories U16 (born until 2001) and U12 (born until 2005), no handicap, 6.5 Komi. Players who did not qualify for the semifinal, can play instead simultaneous games with professionals!

Round 6: Winners of semi-finals play finals and losers play out the third places (no handicap, 6.5 Komi). Players who did not qualify for the semifinal, continue with their simultaneous games.


We will have official EGC trophies for the winners in both age categories and nice prizes for many participants:
thanks to our sponsor “Game of the Year” (“Spiel des Jahres e.V.”), we will have a number of exciting board games as prizes!