XKCD #1287

Do you like Go and chess? Then this was your event!

We played in teams of two players simultaneously on a go board and a chess board – taking turns! The confusion was enormous: why did he take my queen? It wasn’t in atari!


1-2Cole D. Pruitt, James Pinkerton6.0-2.0
Pascal Müller, Matthias Terwey6.0-2.0
3Hai Dang Kieu, Le Mai Duy5.5-2.5
4-5David Osten, Robert Waschiky5.0-3.0
Jasna Medak/Otto Harke, Stjepan Medak5.0-3.0
6Steve Hertecant, Marcel Van Herck4.5-3.5
7Marc Oliver Rieger, Dirk Michalowski4.0-0.0
8Martin Li, Dan Li4.0-2.0
9-12Chris Volk, Chu Lu4.0-4.0
Rolf Bensel, Manuel Hoff4.0-4.0
Steven Foulon, Kris Boyen4.0-4.0
Tobias Langlotz, Ingo Althöfer4.0-4.0
13-15Dick Riedeman, Emil Riedeman3.0-5.0
Feiyang Chen, Angelika Rieger3.0-5.0
Anthony Mobasher, Iliyas Mobasher3.0-5.0
16Beate Ipsen, Uwe Frischmuth2.0-4.0
17Klaus Freudenberg, Norman Ulbrich2.0-6.0
18Hugo Mobasher, Denis Puaud3.0-5.0
19Yikuan Chen, Yifei Chen1.0-3.0
20Yurii Pushnia, Danylo Hresko1.0-5.0