What would a European Go Congress be without all these little side tournaments? They make the afternoons and evenings exciting and fun!

Whether you like to play with your partner in Pair Go, enjoy the fighting spirit of a Blitz game, or are a beginner who dares only to play on 9×9 – we have side tournaments for all of you!

We also have a Ladies’ Tournament and two Children/Youth Tournaments: one on 9×9 for the little beginners and one on 19×19 for the Go masters of the future (and everybody else below 16 years).

And then there are the fun tournaments: ever tried Biathlon Go? No? We haven’t either: it’s a world premier! And Crazy Go is a mix of all kind of bizarre Go variants. And there’s more of course…

So, take part at the EGC and enjoy the manifold adventures on the Go board that only the EGC can offer!