The EGC is organized with the help of many volunteers. We would like to list a few key persons here:

Prof. Manja Marz, EGC management head
Prof. Marc Oliver Rieger, EGC advisor and marketing manager
Fabian Bambusch, EGC online editor
Dr. Michael Marz, EGC tournament manager
Thilo Burkhardt, EGC co-manager
Pierre Chamot, professionals
Martin Hershoff, registration
Jan Rütten-Budde, info desk
Marieke Ahlborn, material
Michael Palant, visa support
Dennis Fischer, web master
Benjamin Teuber, technics
Bernd Radmacher and Mirko Ott, inquiries
Ngoc Chi Banh, acquisition
Pascal Müller, tournament pairings
Hartmut Kehmann, printing and material
Yvonne Limbach, EGC twitter account
Martin Stiassny, EGF president

You need help or have any questions and can’t find the answer on our website? Don’t hesitate and ask. Choose the right option for you.


Please first check if the answer is already given on one of the web pages. If you still have a question, contact us anytime. Our info team will come back to you as soon as possible.


If you want to share a room, but do not have a room mate, or need a ride to Oberhof, ask the community in our Forum.