BREAKING: Zhang Tao 5p is Open Euro Champ + Pairgo Results + More Karaoke

By |2017-08-07T00:37:37+02:00August 4th, 2017|

After round 9 and 9 straight wins, Zhang Tao 5p from China is set to be the winner of this year's Open European Championship, or "Main" tournament! Even in case he loses his game tomorrow (which seems unlikely), his opponents' score will still be higher than the only other potential contender, Li Xiaoxi 2p. Congratulations, [...]

Li Xiaoxi 2p only contender for Zhang Tao 5p and mixed results at Computer Go

By |2017-08-04T18:00:42+02:00August 3rd, 2017|

Correction: A previous version of this article stated Li and Zhang could still play in the upcoming rounds, which is not possible anymore. The Euro Open tournament is all but decided right now with Zhang Tao 5p continuing his winning streak to 8 after defeating top Korean player Kim Youngsam 7d. At the same time, [...]

Middle of Second Week Summary

By |2017-08-05T06:07:38+02:00August 2nd, 2017|

Seemingly no time has passed since our last summary and here we are already at the middle of week 2. Many, many tournaments have concluded since then, so let's not waste any more time. First though, the European Open Tournament looks all but decided right now. Zhang Tao 5p is still dominating the ranks with [...]

A word with Sascha Germer 17k

By |2017-08-01T13:09:35+02:00July 31st, 2017|

With the second week on its way and regular congress proceedings starting back up, we take some time to talk to Sascha Germer. He's 31 years old from Berlin, Germany, and majored in Japanese Studies. He uses a wheelchair to get around and will soon start working at a centre for the severely handicapped. He [...]

BREAKING: Ilya Shikshin is new European Champ!

By |2017-07-30T21:34:50+02:00July 30th, 2017|

Correction: In a previous version of this article, Ilya Shikshin's win in St. Petersburg was not mentioned. After a long fought battle with advantages changing sides multiple times, Ilya Shikshin 1p managed to win the finale against Mateusz Surma 1p. The game was decided by resignation after both players had been deep into Byo Yomi [...]

End of First Week Summary

By |2017-08-04T16:08:39+02:00July 30th, 2017|

It's the end of week 1 and we look back on a great start to the Go Congress. Too many things to list at the moment, so let's focus on the important topics. The European Championship finished up the semi-finals on Saturday with Mateusz Surma 1p from Poland and Ilya Shikshin 1p from Russia emerging [...]

Somber Travels, Physical Exercise and Russian Silliness

By |2017-07-27T18:47:46+02:00July 27th, 2017|

As always during a congress, Wednesday is an off-day for most tournaments. This leaves time for all manner of different activities: those looking for a more somber and thoughtful experience went to the historical city of Weimar for a city tour and followed it with a visit to former concentration camp, now museum, KZ Buchenwald. [...]