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LEGO Go Set at the EGC

By |2017-07-10T08:36:21+02:00July 9th, 2017|

A Go set made of LEGO bricks will be exhibited at the EGC from 4 to 6 August. Feel free to try it out and then give it some support at "LEGO Ideas" and it might become a real Lego box that can be bought by everybody! David Fazekas, the designer, will be at the [...]

Special G(e)o Caching at EGC

By |2017-07-05T19:07:35+02:00July 3rd, 2017|

Geocaching is a treasure hunt game, where the coordinates of the treasures are published on the internet (, basic membership is free). Often the coordinates point to nice or remarkable locations that are not even mentioned in travel books. Since many of the congress participants are also geocachers we will try to place a [...]

“Triple pack” of Asian Chess!

By |2017-06-27T20:42:14+02:00June 27th, 2017|

Chess, the nephew of Go, has a couple of lesser known siblings. We are happy that at this year's European Go Congress you can learn all three East Asian variants of chess: Chinese chess (Xiangqi), Japanese chess (Shogi) and Korean chess (Janggi). There will be introduction sessions and on the weekend real tournaments (and special [...]

What to do when not playing Go

By |2017-05-30T16:07:29+02:00May 24th, 2017|

In Oberhof, there are many events you can join during the two weeks of the EGC. We have collected some suggestions for you (see below). Moreover, there are many other activities and places worth visiting that are listed on our Tourism page. The Oberhof Tourist Information will assist you (free of charge!) if you have questions or [...]

First professionals confirm participation!

By |2017-05-16T17:42:01+02:00May 15th, 2017|

We are glad to announce that professionals from Japan, Korea and Europe will take part at the EGC and will be there for you for game reviews, simultaneous games and lectures. Among them are Hayashi Kozo, Ohashi Hirofumi, Catalin Taranu, Taguchi Misei, Antti Törmänen, Yoon Young Sun and Inseong Hwang. More professionals will probably join! If you want to know more about [...]

Special price for beginners!

By |2017-04-05T20:38:38+02:00April 4th, 2017|

New in Go? Feeling unsure if you're strong enough to join the European Go Congress? Aren't events like this only for stronger players? Don't worry! There will be plenty of beginners at the EGC – more than at any other Go event in Europe! There are also plenty of nice side tournaments for you to chose from and [...]