Congress participants with little money to spend can already choose the nearby gym hall (~1.5 km from the congress venue) as accommodation instead of a hotel (more information here). But now you can save even more! If you sleep in the gym hall, you can now eat in the school cafeteria for a very good price. This is an offer for gym sleepers only!

07.00h – 08.30h     Breakfast 1.80 EUR

11.30h – 13.00h     Lunch 3.00 EUR

17.30h – 19.00h     Supper 2.40 EUR

(Mondays – Fridays; the cafeteria is CLOSED on weekends)

You can eat at the cafeteria in exchange for a meal voucher. But you will have to buy these vouchers in advance at the registration. You can get your money back if you end up not using all your vouchers, so don’t worry.

For planning purposes, however, we need to know how many vouchers are going to be needed. Therefore, if you want to sleep in the gym hall, please tell us how many meals you want to eat. For example, “10x breakfast, 3x lunch, 6x supper”. Please also tell us if you don’t want any meals.

So please contact us here at least two weeks in advance of your stay to make sure we’ll have enough vouchers for you. Guten Appetit!