New in Go? Feeling unsure if you’re strong enough to join the European Go Congress? Aren’t events like this only for stronger players?

Don’t worry! There will be plenty of beginners at the EGC – more than at any other Go event in Europe! There are also plenty of nice side tournaments for you to chose from and best of all: we have decided to offer a special price for beginners:

If you are ranked weaker than 25 kyu, you can participate for only 30€ in all tournaments (except the 19×19 tournaments) and all side events! That means: two weeks of Go with lectures, simultaneous games with professionals, 9×9 and 13×13 tournaments and all the fun events that will take place! Don’t miss out on this opportunity and register for the European Go Congress! (Please send an additional email at to inform us that you want to book this option!)

See you in Oberhof!