No Go players without Go teachers! To help them with their efforts of spreading Go, we will offer a workshop for Go teachers at the EGC. Successful participants will obtain a certificate by the European Go Teacher Association. The workshop is accessible to everybody interested in teaching Go. – Whether you already have teaching experience or want to first get an idea of how to teach, you are cordially welcome!

The main part of the workshop will take place on the first Wednesday of the EGC (July 26) from 1pm-6pm. Speakers will be Prof. Daniela Trinks (Myongji University), Prof. Marc Oliver Rieger (Universität Trier), Janine Böhme (AdYouKi e.V., Neukirch) and Kalli Balduin (Berlin). Of course, there will be also time for practical exercises!

To obtain a certificate, participants have to take part in all the workshop lectures, submit a homework and attend three lectures by professionals at the EGC. A minimum rank of 15 kyu is required.

Topics will include:

  • Teaching fundamentals
  • Where and how to teach Go
  • Go teaching methodologies
  • Motivation
  • How to engage others to teach

The workshop will be taught in English. Participation is free. All participants will receive the full course materials.

If you want to participate or have further inquiries, please contact the workshop organizer, Marc Oliver Rieger.