The documentary film “The Surrounding Game” will have its European premiere at the European Go Congress in Oberhof. The movie makers will also be in Oberhof during the first week of the EGC. We are looking forward to meet them!
For congress participants the screenings will be free. Tickets for all others will be available for 10 € (6€ reduced rate).
Look forward to this long awaited premiere!

THE SURROUNDING GAME is the first feature documentary about the game of Go. Shot over 4 years in China, Korea, Japan, and the United States, the film reveals the magical world of Go through the coming-of-age story of America’s top Go prodigies.

Our protagonists Andy, Ben, and Curtis are gifted teenagers who have devoted thousands of hours to the game. For them, Go is an escape to a world of pure logic and mathematical beauty, a reminder of the ephemeral place human beings hold in the universe. As they strive to become the first Western professional players, we explore the search for meaning that Go represents to its players, for whom the game is a distillation of conscious thought itself.

Watch the trailer of the movie!


“This film communicates the beauty and joy of Go both to the West and in Asia.”

Chang Hao, 9-dan professional and former World Champion