Registration for the European Go Congress 2017 is finally open! You can register now at and grab the Early Bird discount. Adults pay 130 EUR instead of 190 EUR (or your regional equivalent) — that’s ~32 % less! The same discount applies to children aged 12 to 17 years old, who pay only two thirds of the already discounted fee. Children unter 11 years old may register to any event free of charge. The Early Bird discount applies until February 15th and it only applies after you have transferred the fee.

If you’ve played in a European tournament already, please make sure to use our EGD search function to apply your EGD information to the registration. Please also note that people who have already paid the participation fee for the Turkish Congress, pay a reduced fee for the Oberhof Congress. Just make sure to check the box named “I’ve already registered for the European Go Congress in Turkey” when making your registration for Oberhof.*

We are happy to also announce that participants living in either Turkey or Russia pay only 50 % of the participation fee!

One last thing: if you want to support the EGC organization beyond just participation, you can do so by becoming an EGC Friend. This is an entirely optional way of helping us make the event a truly fantastic experience. Benefits for EGC Friends include Pick-Up-Service from the Oberhof train station, a special T-Shirt and certificate, a fan, a yearbook and more!
There are two tiers for EGC Friends: Silver Friends choose to pay 100 EUR extra while Gold Friends pay an additional 250 EUR (limited to 19 persons only). Among other things, Gold Friends will be invited to the EGF VIP dinner. Please scroll down the registration page for all the details.

We are eagerly awaiting as many registrations as possible!

* Correction: In an earlier version of this article it was stated that people who already paid for the Turkey Congress didn’t have to pay any additional fees. However, due to the projected fee for Turkey being lower than the current one for Oberhof, those participants will have to pay extra to match the Oberhof fee. In the end, we ask the same amount of money of anyone who registers at the same time. Sorry for the confusion!