We are happy to announce that the program of the European Go Congress is ready! You will see that it is packed with more than 20 different tournaments and many other activities, so you can look forward to two wonderful weeks full of Go, excitement and fun in Oberhof!

Looking at the program, you can already imagine how your days at the EGC might be:

As early as the first day after your arrival, you may play one round in the Main Tournament (with long thinking time), one round in the Rapid Go Tournament and later switch to the small board and play the 9×9 Tournament where appropriate handicap settings allow every player to have enjoyable games, even a 20 kyu facing a professional.

The next morning, after a nice breakfast at the hotel, you can start off the day with another serious game in the main tournament, have your games reviewed by a professional, attend another professional’s lecture. Then take a quick look at the young kids playing their 9×9 handicap tournament. You may play another round of Rapid Go and afterwards your 9×9 finals – if you made it into them! Otherwise, just choose the Korean Sunjang Baduk competition and begin your Go game with a traditional, but rather crazy, fixed initial setup of stones. Or watch “The Surrounding Game”, a documentary on Go. And if it’s still not enough Go: What about the Midnight Madness? One round of Go every day at midnight!

And these were only the first two days! More highlights are still to come later on!

If you have any comments on the program, please let us know in the comments below… Thank you!