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As novelty at this EGC we will hold a “Speakers Night” on Wednesday, August 2, 2017. Congress participants are invited to deliver a speech on any topic of their choice. The presentations can be in any language, but all presentations have to be accompanied by a PDF file with text in English. The PDF will be shown during the presentation via laptop and projector.

The length of each presentation should be 10 minutes at most. Please submit your mandatory speech proposals for the Speakers Night until June 30, 2017 to ingo.althoefer@uni-jena.de

Proposals must include name of speaker, title of presentation in English, and PDF with presentation in English.

Potential presenters will be informed a few days after submission of their proposal. So far two contributions have already been accepted for

  • a photo show on postal stamps with Go motives
  • a discussion of “Physics and Mathematics of High Heels”

It would be nice to have speakers from many different countries. Don’t worry about your English
skills! We will help you with your presentation, if necessary.
Ingo Althöfer will also be the moderator of event.

Ingo Althöfer

(Photo Kaspar, FSU Jena)

(Photo: Matthias Reimann)

(Photo: Ingo Althöfer)