Omikron European Go Congress 2017

22 July to 6 August in Oberhof / Germany    Sponsors  


Omikron European Go Congress 2017

This EGC was the biggest in history: more than 800 people participated the Open European Championship and many more participated in the side events – in total over 1000!

Find out everything about the events and the program that took place. We thank all participants for joining in and making it an unforgettable experience! We have updated this page with many photos, videos and detailed results, so that you can recall your joyful memories – or so that know what you missed out!  – Your EGC team

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Watch all the photos and videos of the OMIKRON European Go Congress 2017! And submit your own photos to share with other participants.


Affordable meal options available

June 9th, 2017|

Congress participants with little money to spend can already choose the nearby gym hall (~1.5 km from the congress venue) as accommodation instead of a hotel (more information here). But now [...]

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“Speakers Night” at the EGC 2017

June 6th, 2017|

As a novelty at this EGC we will hold a "Speakers Night" on Wednesday, August 2, 2017. Congress participants are invited to deliver a speech on any topic [...]

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Here are the promotional videos of the EGC 2017:
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