Sunjang Baduk Tournament

///Sunjang Baduk Tournament
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Sunjang Baduk is one of the forms of Go, which was common in Korea through the 16th century. The first 16 moves are prescribed and Black makes the first free play, leading straight into a fierce middlegame. (Source: the Hankuk Kiwon Guidebook.)

The traditional way of counting Sunjang Baduk games differs from the common methods. However, to avoid confusion, Japanese counting will be used for the EGC Sunjang Baduk tournament. Obviously, no handicap will be given.

Starting Position

Sunjang Baduk at the EGC is a four round McMahon tournament. The McMahon groups, however, will combine players of close, not necessarily identical ranks.

Thinking Times

20 minutes plus 2*20 seconds Japanese byoyomi.