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The tournament for the champions of tomorrow!


We welcome all children and young player who are strong enough to play on the 19×19 board to participate in the EGC Children and Youth Tournament!

The tournament will run over two afternoons. On each day, up to three rounds are played. (You may skip one day, but participation on the first day is required to qualify for the finals.)

All games are played with 30 minutes total thinking time (no byoyomi!) and will be EGF ranked.


Deadline for registration is Monday, July 31, 13:30 (one hour before the start of the tournament – watch out: Germans are terribly punctual, so please don’t be late)!


First day (Monday, July 31, 14:30):
3 rounds 30 min. SD (EGF rated)

Second day (Tuesday, August 1, 14:30):
1-3 Rounds 30 min. SD (EGF rated)

Tournament system:

Rounds 1-4: McMahon system for all participants together (reduced handicap if MMS differs by more than two points), 7 Komi (for even games).

Round 5: Semi-final in the age categories U16 (born until 2001) and U12 (born until 2005), no handicap, 6.5 Komi. Players who did not qualify for the semifinal, can play instead simultaneous games with professionals!

Round 6: Winners of semi-finals play finals and losers play out the third places (no handicap, 6.5 Komi). Players who did not qualify for the semifinal, continue with their simultaneous games.


We will have official EGC trophies for the winners in both age categories and nice prizes for all participants:
thanks to our sponsor “Game of the Year” (“Spiel des Jahres e.V.”), we will have a number of exciting board games as prizes!