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Fun for Kids!

This tournament is open for all children (born in the year 2005 or later). We particularly welcome beginners who just mastered the rules!
Participation is for free – also for guests who do not take part at the EGC!
Everybody can play as many games as they like. All games will have a handicap based on the playing strength difference, so that everybody has a chance and can enjoy some fun games with other kids! (Of course we will assist the children with finding opponents.)
At the end, we will award little prizes for all kids who have finished at least two games and of course there is also a prize for the winner!

More details:

To determine the handicap each child will get a colored Go-wristband when registering for the tournament (like a belt in Karate or Taekwondo):

50k-40k white
39k-30k yellow
29k-20k green
19k-10k blue
9k-1k brown
1d+ black
Each color difference gives two handicap stones (with 0 komi). If there is no handicap, the stronger player takes white with 0 komi. (And if they are equally strong, they do nigiri and white gets 6 komi.)
For every game, the winner obtains two points, the loser one point. At most two games against the same opponent can be counted.
When the time is up, the child with the most points wins the tournament.

Come and play with us! 👦👧🏻👶🏽