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Photos from the last EGC 2016 in St.Petersburg and from the EGC 2012 in Bonn, Germany.
The program of the tournaments and side events is available below. (Minor changes are still possible.) Detailed information on all events will be added in the next weeks. Additionally, there will be lectures, game reviews and simultaneous games by professional Go players from Asia and Europe.

Many side tournaments will take place, some you will know from previous congresses, some will be unique. You can be sure it will be worth it!

Rapid Tournament, Pair Go Tournament, Ladies Tournament, Rengo Tournament, Children and Youth Go Tournaments, Marathon Go Tournament, Lightning Go Tournament, 13×13 Go Tournament, 9×9 Go Tournament, Sunjang Baduk Tournament, Phantom Rengo, Yose Tournament, Crazy Go Tournament, Midnight Madness, Simultaneous Rengo and – fitting to the setting in a winter sports resort – a Biathlon Go Tournament!

There are also several side events, e.g. Xiangqi (Chinese chess) and Shogi (Japanese chess), a certified Go teacher course and an EGF referee course. There will also be a Chess & Go event and plenty of events outside Go, in particular a Turkish night, a Russian night and a German special board games night. Sport activities, e.g. soccer or beach volleyball, will be added later.


Professional Go Players from East Asia and Europe will give lectures, game reviews and simultaneous games.

Details will be announced.

Photos by Kirill Akinfeev, Misha Krylov and Joachim Beggerow.