The European Go Congress – Highlights of the second week

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The following is a guest posting by the European Go Federation written by Yue Li and was first published here Following the first week, ruthless battles on go boards and the feast of friendship amongst hundreds of go enthusiasts continued to occupy the peaceful mountain village of Oberhof. As the Open European Championship entered its “yose” [...]

The European Go Congress – An Overview of the first week

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The following is a guest posting by the European Go Federation written by Laura Avram and was first published here The European Go Congress is for many European go players the year's highlight go event. A go congress typically consists of playing go for two weeks, watching go lessons, meeting new and old friends and visiting [...]

EGC Photos!

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More and more photos are being shared on the EGC webpage! Please take a look and enjoy the nice memories. If you also have photos to share, please let us know and we can link your photo library there – whether it is on Flickr, Facebook, Dropbox, your own webpage or somewhere else. The official [...]

Lost & Found with Pictures

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Hello Congress attendees! I hope you have arrived safe and sound at home or at your next destination by now. However, there are still some things that might be waiting for you at Oberhof. Info Desk has emptied their Lost and Found box and below you can see all the items that were not collected [...]

BREAKING: Zhang Tao 5p is Open Euro Champ + Pairgo Results + More Karaoke

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After round 9 and 9 straight wins, Zhang Tao 5p from China is set to be the winner of this year's Open European Championship, or "Main" tournament! Even in case he loses his game tomorrow (which seems unlikely), his opponents' score will still be higher than the only other potential contender, Li Xiaoxi 2p. Congratulations, [...]