“Triple pack” of Asian Chess!

Chess, the nephew of Go, has a couple of lesser known siblings. We are happy that at this year's European Go Congress you can learn all three East Asian variants of chess: Chinese chess (Xiangqi), Japanese chess (Shogi) and Korean chess (Janggi). There will be introduction sessions and on the weekend real tournaments (and special [...]

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Don’t be slow: Register before the EGC starts and win a special prize!

On-site registration at the EGC is possible, but: here are three reasons to register in advance: You ensure that we will have all congress material (including the stylish EGC congress bag) for you!* You save us a lot of hassle and reduce waiting times at arrival! All participants who registered online will automatically take part [...]

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800+ participants registered

Our pre-registration has passed 800 participants and with some more visitors expected to register on site, we are going straight for the big round 1000. While there are a lot of registrations from Western European countries, we are especially happy that players from further away countries like Russia or Ukraine, from East Asia and America and even from South [...]

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Lee Hajin aka “Haylee” will hold a book signing at EGC

We're happy to announce that Lee Hajin 3p, also known as "Haylee", will attend a book signing at EGC this year to celebrate the German translated edition of her book "Outside the Board: Diary of a Professional Go Player" (Amazon). The signing will take place on Saturday, July 29th, and you will be able to [...]

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Affordable meal options available

Congress participants with little money to spend can already choose the nearby gym hall (~1.5 km from the congress venue) as accommodation instead of a hotel (more information here). But now you can save even more! If you sleep in the gym hall, you can now eat in the school cafeteria for a very good price. [...]

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“Speakers Night” at the EGC 2017

As a novelty at this EGC we will hold a "Speakers Night" on Wednesday, August 2, 2017. Congress participants are invited to deliver a speech on any topic of their choice. The presentations can be in any language, but all presentations have to be accompanied by a PDF file with text in English. [...]

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What to do when not playing Go

In Oberhof, there are many events you can join during the two weeks of the EGC. We have collected some suggestions for you (see below). Moreover, there are many other activities and places worth visiting that are listed on our Tourism page. The Oberhof Tourist Information will assist you (free of charge!) if you have questions or [...]

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Please register your children for free daycare at EGC

Go parents! We offer a free daycare service for small children at the congress who need constant looking-after. Your children will be safe and happy with our experienced nannies while you are playing your tournament games without the need to worry about the little ones. However, we would like to know how many children will be attending [...]

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