Affordable accommodation options available

//Affordable accommodation options available

Not everyone necessarily has the budget to afford a hotel room in Oberhof. We want to give you a chance for a cheap alternative nevertheless, so we have organized a gym hall to stay in as long as you can bring your own sleeping mats and sleeping bags. You may also want to bring earplugs for comfort. However, unfortunately there are no showers, only sinks. For daily hygiene you can either visit the pool at Treff Hotel Panorama or the city’s public pool H2Oberhof.

Accommodation in the gym hall will be 30 Euros for one week or 50 Euros for a stay of both weeks. If you are interested, please send your email request to Please note that space in the gym hall is limited, so don’t sleep on this opportunity!

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  1. […] gym hall (~1.5 km from the congress venue) as accommodation instead of a hotel (more information here). But now you can save even more! If you sleep in the gym hall, you can now eat in the school […]

  2. Baron Allday 2017-06-28 at 12:23

    Hi, could you please tell me if there is still available accommodation at the gym, thanks, Baron Allday

    • Marc 2017-06-29 at 0:49

      Yes, there is! Please send an email to – Thank you!

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